Sunday, 27 May 2012

Captain Slow

Just a few days ago, we brought the boat home to its mooring in Wivenhoe.

I'm still tingling from the realisation that I have a boat that can go places now, and I'm happy that I've had many friends asking 'when are we going out on The Boat For Your Potplants', but unfortunately I haven't had the time or the tide to do anything out on the ocean, er, river, waves yet.

But when I do get to venture out, I will be Captain Slow and Captain Sensible all rolled in to one happy Captain.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Neil. "Wow mate" you have done it.Now you can start to learn how to be your very own Captain of your very own boat for pot plants. Loads of fish in Brixham at the mo. I have been busy smoking mackerel in my garden and give it to my customers to keep them sweet and my smoked mackerel pate is very popular.
    Your next project should be something like "A mansion with a garden to grow pot plants for my boat!!!"
    Have you seen any Mermaids yet!??
    Rob from Brixham.