Friday, 3 September 2010

Barnacle Bill and the World's Smallest Pirate Radio Station

Today it's merely a Boat For My Potplants. But tomorrow it can become Wonderful Radio Wivenhoe, with me, Barnacle Bill.

Yes, I am indeed drawing up plans at this very moment to present the Barnacle Bill Show, almost live, from my FM transmitter connected to my iPod. The good people of the Wivenhoe Quay can tune in and turn on using the small transistor radios that I can provide on the pub's tables for their listening pleasure.

The range of the iPod's transmitter may only be a few yards, but that's all I'll need to conquer the world of ship-to-shore broadcasting.

I've been doing some thorough research to find out how I can do it, using this and that gadget. It can even go out around the world on the internet, and it's all perfectly legal. At least I think it is. I'll just have to plead ignorance when my case comes up, m'Lud.

I'm of course already well experienced in the world of radio, having shared the airwaves with the likes of Emperor Rosko, Johnnie Walker, Mark Wesley and Dave Cash on the Radio Essex ship off the coast of Harwich. I got my taste of fame alright when I read out a few messages on the Mark Wesley Show on that glorious weekend as the station celebrated the days of true Pirate Radio.

My listening public clearly wanted more, so it was obviously only a matter of time before I'd want my own show.

But now I've decided I want my own station - the World's Smallest Pirate Radio Station.

So stay tuned, pop-pickers, as I dedicate today's blog to my old mucker the absolutely poptastic Mark Wesley.

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