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TALLULAH - the 1978 Hymer Motorhome

Here is our Hymer Mobil, bought by us in March 2013. I found it on the 'Preloved' website, and it was being sold by the widow of the owner who had owned and kept it garaged in South London for the previous 28 years. Before that it had one previous owner in Germany since its manufacture in 1978. It cost us the princely sum of £3,200, which is no secret as that fact was disclosed to viewers when it was featured by Andy Harris on The Motorhome Channel in April 2014.


  1. Hi Neil

    I work for a TV production company called October Films. We're making a new documentary series about caravan and motorhomes, and I'd love to talk to you about your project. Do you think you could email me your contact details to, or call me on 0207 284 6868?

    Many thanks!
    Becky Kent

  2. Dear Neil,
    I am writing you fromm Serbia. I have found one Blitz here in Serbia and it looks good for me.
    I would like to buy it. Could you contact me on my mail
    I have some questions about your impressions and experiences.

    Best Regards
    Sorry for my bad english!