How this blog began: Boat, garden, party venue and writer's retreat.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Captain Slow

Just a few days ago, we brought the boat home to its mooring in Wivenhoe.

I'm still tingling from the realisation that I have a boat that can go places now, and I'm happy that I've had many friends asking 'when are we going out on The Boat For Your Potplants', but unfortunately I haven't had the time or the tide to do anything out on the ocean, er, river, waves yet.

But when I do get to venture out, I will be Captain Slow and Captain Sensible all rolled in to one happy Captain.

Monday, 21 May 2012

And What A Cool Day It Was, Dude

I don't think things could have gone any better. With military precision in the timing, The Boat For My Potplants was launched.

Martin, my brother-in-law, and his two boys Jack and George came with us. I marvelled at Jack's dreadlocks, and wished I had hair like that - or indeed any hair would do.

He looked like The Dude, and I felt like The Coolest Dude, as we powered our way up past Alresford Creek and through the Wivenhoe barrier and on to our final destination of our mooring outside The Rose And Crown. At precisely the right moment the sun shone, the wind calmed, the tide ebbed, and in we came.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Today's The Day

Well - I can't put it off any longer. The motor has been fitted and it's ready to go. My brother-in-law Martin (top chap) is coming over this morning to join me. The tractor at Brightlingsea is poised to push the Boat For My Potplants into the water ready for it's first voyage under its own steam for many many years - certainly since I've been its proud owner.

The weather was looking a bit iffy, which would have been good, because very few people would have been sitting outside the Rose And Crown at lunchtime, watching me make a complete hash of things. This is my very first time driving a boat, and, if truth be told, am a little nervous about coming in to its mooring at high-tide. Well, quite a lot, actually.

It now looks like the weather will be okay. Drat. I'm considering removing the plants to help make me look less conspicuous, and hope no one notices me.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Yes, We Have A Motor!

I went to Tenerife and experienced what I thought was the ultimate thrill - a downhill off-road freewheel mountain-bike ride from the top of Spain's highest peak. Two thousand three hundred metres high up at the start, sixty-five kms at speeds of up to 40mph, with a few hair-pin bends thrown in for good measure, and sea level at the end.

I returned home last night, tired and exhausted, but couldn't wait to check my emails - just in case there was some news that I'd been anxiously awaiting.

And there it was. From Brightlingsea Boat Park And Ride, the Suzuki dealer, saying 'Engine is fitted'.

I dashed down to see my Boat For My Potplants this morning and within a second forgot about the bike ride. I just topped the ultimate thrill as I stood and gazed at my new motor.

Mental note to self: Say Big Thanks to Tracy at BBP&R, Gareth at Suzuki GB Marine, and of course my secret Blog-Reader whose generosity made it all happen.


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Boat For My Potplants In Numbers

Whilst waiting (in)patiently for my my motor to arrive from the good people of Suzuki, and whilst the Boat For My Potplants is away from its mooring, I have little to do except reflect on some of the numbers relating to its recent history.

I can't wait for its return so that some serious sailing - and of course some not-so-serious games of golf - can be undertaken.

Amount my boat cost to buy - Nil

Number of days spent working on it - probably about 100

Number of parties on board - 4 or 5

Amount of paint, woodstain and varnish used - 20 litres

Number of watts from the old Grundig amplifier - 120

Number of times slept on board overnight - 3

Number of dogs carried aboard - 3

Number of plastic flowers adorning the interior - 25

Number of bottles of wine consumed on board - lost count

Number of weeks spent waiting for motor to arrive - only 2, though feels like more, but nothing in the big scheme of things

Amount raised from blog ads for donation to Royal British Legion building fund - £51.27

Number of times golf played on top of deck - 2