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Monday, 8 March 2010

A little step at a time

I've figured it out. Instead of looking at the whole boat and the huge task that lays ahead, I will from now on focus on a small section at a time. I'll set myself a target, and reward myself if I achieve it.

So on Sunday I focused on the rusty old screws sticking out of the sides. They had to be removed somehow. Each one needed to be hack-sawed off and each one would take several minutes to do. Balancing on one leg on the ladder and leaning over to get the right angle for sawing was not ideal. There were around forty to do along the top row.

That meant a lot of sawing. My arms ached. I just worked away on those screws until they were all gone.

I've still got the same number to do along the bottom row, but that's for the next day.

My reward? To stand back and admire my Boat For My Potplants in the bright sunshine and allow myself a daydream of one day sitting on its deck outside the Rose And Crown drinking a cold beer.


  1. Dear Sir,

    I wish to lodge a complaint, until now the standard of the photos has been very high, but the latest one put me right off my earl grey and toast. I'm not ready for a weatherbeaten thumb first thing. Did you not consider using a stunt thumb or a glove??

    Apart from that, jolly good show and keep up the good work.

    Yours faithfully,

    General Sir Reginald Deuxpots

  2. i totally agree!!! put me of my supper too!
    But can't wait to climb aboard for a voyage! nick has plenty of champagne at wivenhoe so we should look at a lauching and naming event! And invite a celeb or too! cos i suppose the neighbours down stairs woundn't be enough of a draw!!! lol

    well done anyway, keep up the good work!!!
    2.5 potts

  3. That was a launching party not a lauching party!! I am on nights!!!!

  4. God I've written this bloody comment three times, I've read the blog and watched the video and you are definitely bonkers.... in a nice way..full of hope and optimism washed down with a glass of port (passed to the left at the dinner table, some old naval tradition I believe). You will need a pot of borage and some mint and maybe a little lemon tree for your Pimms days, I'll bring some to your lauch paty as I'm sure to be invited. It's a head not a toilet by the way, but all these boating terms are a bit topsy turvy, hope the boat won't be.

  5. Gee, thanks for the comment above. I like the passing of the port to the left. And of course you'll be invited to the launch party, whoever you are!