Sunday, 14 November 2010

Lucky, lucky, lucky

On Sunday I went up the Co-op, as you do, to buy whatever we needed to complete the Sunday lunch. I paid for the good, as you do, and was just leaving the shop when I noticed that the new Essex Life magazine was on the shelves. I decided to thumb through the pages, just in case...
...just in case there was another mention of my Boat For My Potplants. Surely they must have given up on me by now and I would have become a long distant memory to their editorial pages.

But what was this? Yet another inclusion of my blog - detailing the continuing saga of 'Erindoors, me and how the boat was affecting both our lives. Tee hee, chuckle chuckle, all the world could see that this is a REAL project. It must be - it's in print.

I dashed home to tell 'Erindoors the good news. As she carried on making the roast pork and tatties, I reflected on how lucky I had been - and still am...

...Lucky to have been given a boat in the first place. Then lucky to get its mooring in a prime position. Then lucky to receive an original piece of artwork from Cherry Ann (which is now hanging in the cabin), and lucky to get 'Erindoors to plant the winter pansies and lucky to get the free paint from Dulux and lucky to get the fantastic canopy from Sail And Cover and lucky to have tons of friends and well-wishers 'in' on the whole project, and and and lucky lucky lucky.

I looked through some of the pics I'd taken, and then I reflected on how seriously lucky I am to have two such incredible kids (Laura, 20 and Oliver, 17) to be happy to spend time with their old man on board the Boat For My Potplants.

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  1. You are very lucky in deed! Your daughter is so much like you! I have the essex life delivered every month! Its nice to see something or someone you know when you turn the page! Miss you both all ready, take care of Nick! Gill aka 2.5.pots xxx