Sunday, 16 January 2011

Paint Job

After what must have been one of the worst and earliest winters for many a year, I thought I'd better check out the state of the boat's exterior paint job.

Sun, sea water, fresh water, rain, snow, ice, gales; you name it, we've had it.

My old mate Greg, who (thinks he) knows a thing or two about boats, laughed his head off when I told him I'd be using ordinary exterior undercoat and gloss. "You can't use THAT!", he scorned, last year. "You've got to use special marine paint if you're going to avoid becoming a boat-bodger."

Well, after discovering that marine paint was mega-bucks, I decided to wing it and try the ordinary Weathershield house paint from B&Q at less than half the price. I hoped to goodness that I wouldn't end up having egg on my face, as I knew I'd never hear the end of it, and I certainly didn't want Greg to have the satisfaction of saying "Told you so".

It's turned out to be as tough as old boots. Hoorah!

And from one successful paint-job to another, I am eternally grateful for Chelmsford artist Cherry Ann for sending me her 'Mermaid' to adorn the cabin's interior, right next to my Captain's 'at, 'anging on the 'ook, in the 'all. Or is it a galley?

Who cares. I just like it, and that's all that matters.

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  1. Thanks for the posts Neil - it's lovely knowing my' Wellington Mermaid' - is happy and well on your boat for your pot plants. - i like the Art Gallery idea.