Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Boat For My Potplants In Numbers

Whilst waiting (in)patiently for my my motor to arrive from the good people of Suzuki, and whilst the Boat For My Potplants is away from its mooring, I have little to do except reflect on some of the numbers relating to its recent history.

I can't wait for its return so that some serious sailing - and of course some not-so-serious games of golf - can be undertaken.

Amount my boat cost to buy - Nil

Number of days spent working on it - probably about 100

Number of parties on board - 4 or 5

Amount of paint, woodstain and varnish used - 20 litres

Number of watts from the old Grundig amplifier - 120

Number of times slept on board overnight - 3

Number of dogs carried aboard - 3

Number of plastic flowers adorning the interior - 25

Number of bottles of wine consumed on board - lost count

Number of weeks spent waiting for motor to arrive - only 2, though feels like more, but nothing in the big scheme of things

Amount raised from blog ads for donation to Royal British Legion building fund - £51.27

Number of times golf played on top of deck - 2


  1. Hi Neil.
    My name is Rob or Bob the Bass from Brixham. I also have a motor boat and know Ann your sister in law.It would be nice to see a video of your maiden voyage with the new motor to add to your amazing blog.Please take my advice and take a seasoned boat handler with you or a very long bungee rope LOL. Most of all get to know the outboard motor and maintenance of before you embark on your first voyage.Ann has my mobile number so please give me a call if you would like to draw on my 40+ yrs experience ,only to pleased to help.Well done on a great project and I am hooked on your blog.Rob T.

    1. Rob - that's amazing, and extremely nice of you to make contact and offer to let me have some of your knowlege and experience. Also, thanks for your kind words about the blog. I certainly agree about not taking the boat out without experienced boat people with me. I am going away early tomorrow for a few days but will talk to Ann next week for your number. Many thanks again