Sunday, 20 May 2012

Today's The Day

Well - I can't put it off any longer. The motor has been fitted and it's ready to go. My brother-in-law Martin (top chap) is coming over this morning to join me. The tractor at Brightlingsea is poised to push the Boat For My Potplants into the water ready for it's first voyage under its own steam for many many years - certainly since I've been its proud owner.

The weather was looking a bit iffy, which would have been good, because very few people would have been sitting outside the Rose And Crown at lunchtime, watching me make a complete hash of things. This is my very first time driving a boat, and, if truth be told, am a little nervous about coming in to its mooring at high-tide. Well, quite a lot, actually.

It now looks like the weather will be okay. Drat. I'm considering removing the plants to help make me look less conspicuous, and hope no one notices me.

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