Sunday, 1 June 2014

In All The Excitement I Forgot To Ask His Name

I stepped off the Boat For My Potplants and a kindly gentleman approached me.

'Excuse me', he said. 'Are you the man who writes the blog?' He explained that he was from Loughborogh, and had recently discovered the delights of Wivenhoe, gone home to learn more on this thing called the internet, and came across my blog, which he then read from start to finish.

How nice of him. But sadly, in all the excitement I forgot to ask him his name.

Now, you may ask 'What excitement can there be in tending a roof-top garden on a boat?'

Well, you see, dear blog readers - I went out with the boat ON THE RIVER!!!

With enormous thanks to Paul and Mike who persuaded me to overcome my fears, we actually went a-sailing. And not only that, upon our return (thankfully with no crashes, bangs or even wallops), Paul helped me to bring round my new little old boat to its new home at the stern of my old old big boat.

So now I can truly say I HAVE A LITTLE TENDER BEHIND.

It's a crap joke, I know, but I love it!

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