Thursday, 5 June 2014

Writers' Retreat

Last week I rushed out and bought the Colchester Gazette. Actually I bought all four copies that were in our local Wivenhoe newsagent. You see, I'd had a tip-off from those in the know that 'Erindoors and I would be featuring in the Home and Living section within the hallowed pages of the paper.

And sure enough we were! It was a nicely written piece explaining how we'd turned our boat into a 'roof-top garden'.

If only the paper had seen us in action at the weekend - they could have written about the roof-top garden being taken out on the river under the power of the Suzuki motor - which I have to say performed most magnificently. It didn't cut out once, and just purred along very nicely thank you.

But on the subject of all things prose, I godda tell you folks, an' I mean this most sincerely - the Boat For My Potplants will most definitely be featuring in the novel what I'm writing.

I'm already up to Chapter Three, and I only have another twenty seven to go before the mighty publicity machine will kick in and kick ass.

I can already see the headlines in the Gazette..."Murder on board potplant boat in Wivenhoe"

Woops! I'm giving away the story! I'd better go and make a cuppa coffee before I spill any more beans.

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