Sunday, 11 January 2015

Yo Ho Ho!

Writing spondoolics! Christmas has come again for me - or perhaps early for next year already?

This February's edition of MMM magazine (Motorhome and Motorcaravan Monthly), OUT NOW, features good old Tallulah, our very own T-Reg.

And I have been given FOUR WHOLE PAGES in which to elaborate the story of the magnificent old Hymer and become the author of the magazine's OWNER REPORT. Yes, that's me, at the top of the page, looking like a right plonker.

But who cares about looking like a plonker when the real star of the show is our lovely home-on-wheels, freshly adorned with the rather superb looking go-faster stripes, even if I say so myself.

It's a shame that 'Erindoors doesn't much like the shade of blue that I chose, but I'm sure she'll come round to it one day - after all, I am now an official MMM contributor and of course I know what's best.

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