Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Oh no. It's a Disaaaster!

Part One of a Two-Part-Blog...

So I got a phone call one evening from my Next-door Nautical Neighbour, complaining that in the recent high-tide and storm, my boat had moved precariously close to touching his pole. Ooh-err, missus.

I was so worried that my Boat For My Potplants might cause some embarrassing damage that I decided to get down to the boat at the very next high-water. Which was (unfortunately for me) at two o'clock in the morning.

Gosh. How loud everything sounds at that hour. But undeterred, I pulled the rope a little tighter and tied up.

However, not being experienced in said rope tieing, I had (unfortunately for me) pulled a little too tightly, causing the boat's nose to nuzzle itself under the timber structure that was embedded in the mud, and to which the planks were placed to allow for embarkation.

Imagine my horror, when I discovered (unfortunately for me), that the subsequent high-tides eventually lifted the structure clear out of the mud and apparently wrecked in the river.

Wait with bated breath for the next exciting installment, when all will be revealed as to the outcome. In the meantime, just marvel at Jason Cobb's excellent picture of the infamous timber structure, which is back in position. There's a clue (fortunately for me).

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