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Friday, 17 December 2010

Hot Water Bottle

Crumbs, Neil Watson, pull yourself together, and nod your cap to what you HAVE got, rather than what you haven't.

During the past few weeks I've been feeling slightly sorry for myself.

Completely ridiculous, I'm at least thankfully aware!

Just because I've recently been working outdoors in the freezing cold. So what? Many others have to as well.

Just because I'd been wondering where my career took a wrong turn while my frozen hand held on to the ladder whilst my other frozen hand held the paint-brush. I know that it was somewhere way back, when my father encouraged me to go to university. Of course I knew best, and instead went my own way.

But now, during the coldest and earliest winter that I can recall, I can't help looking back to only a short while ago. I only need to think of those happy and hot days, laying on the back of the cockpit of The Boat For My Potplants in the company of 'Erindoors, basking and snoozing in the afternoon sunshine. Feeling slightly happy with myself.

And now my heart feels as warm as a hot-water bottle.

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