Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thanks Yamaha

So I strided (or is it strode?) in to the Excel in London for my first ever boat show, and made a beeline for the Yamaha stand. 'Good morning, Sir. Can I help you?', said the executive.

'Yes', I said, and proceeded to explain about The Boat For My Potplants, emphasising my collaborations with blue-chip companies who have been flocking to participate in this unfolding story.

'Of course, Sir. We would be honoured to donate our latest 15hp model with electric start, all in the name of good-will to you and your fantastic blog. All we want you to do is mention our name - Yamaha.'


And then I woke up and quickly got dressed and went round to my mate Simon, who had agreed to drive us down to the venue.

I was armed with my shopping list, comprising toilet light and outboard motor.

I didn't manage to get any of those, but I did end up buying an excellent cooking knife from a very nice man who gave me a special-offer free sharpener.

1 comment:

  1. You had me going there! I thought you had actually managed to blag your way into getting an outboard. This was the only positive thing I had heard about the Boat Show on the Norfolk Broads Forum.

    You certainly know how to capture an audience.


    Crossbow (NFB)