Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Bit Of A Disappointment

I apologise to all my green-fingered friends out there in the boating world. I assume there are many. Or at least several. Perhaps a few. Or is it only me?

Since receiving a thousand pounds from a reader of this blog, with which to purchase an outboard motor, I've been somewhat neglectful of another very important aspect relating to my Boat For My Potplants - the potplants themselves.

This year they are indeed a sorry state of affairs. I did have my doubts when I saw them for sale outside a house in the High Street, with a sign "Winter Pansies For Sale - TEN for a fiver". So I suppose I only have myself to blame.

I mistakenly thought that my high-class horticulture would look after itself whilst I was busy holding top-level talks with motor manufacturers at The London Boat Show.

Without the potplants, there would be no boat. So although I may be ecstatic about A VERY EXCITING DEVELOPMENT with a certain company beginning with 'S' and ending in 'I' (more details next blog), I must remind myself that even winter pansies need the care and attention that they deserve.

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