Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Craic = Water And Boats And Music

Lucky enough to have planned to visit the beautiful Irish town of Kinsale (County Cork), we turned up and discovered that the 2012 Jazz And Blues Festival was in full-flow during the (Irish) Bank Holiday Weekend.

Regular readers of my blog will by now know that I'm a tad partial to a spot of music, a few potplants, a touch of the black stuff, and the boating life - so I was, I could say, in my element.

As if it wasn't enough, our accommodation was right on the water's edge, overlooking the magnificent harbour - scene of historic battles between Irish and English during years long ago.

Thankfully that was all history, and nowadays the two nationalities embrace with a common interest in all things boaty and all things melodic.

The craic was more than good. The music was outstanding - particularly Jaime Nanci...when he came on stage we expected bovver coming from his punk and teddy boy exterior, until he opened his mouth and began singing sultry jazz in the voice of Nina Simone. It was exquisite.

And being drawn to a river, I was taken in by the tranquility of the many boats, motor and sail, that were moored up here.

Anyone getting the chance to visit - don't hesitate. Jump in at the deep end and soak it up, to be sure.

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