Sunday, 14 July 2013

Abandon Boat!

It was a Regatta Day to surpass all others. The crowd gathered and it was a mighty big one, encouraged by the wonderful weather. The sail-past of some beautiful boats was stunning. The races were fun to watch.

Our mate Simon triumphantly held his winning trophy aloft - and somehow managed to muster up enough energy to go on to perform a magnificent set at The Station in the evening.

Funnily enough, my Boat For My Potplants became a sought-after venue, as soon as the word had gotten out that free drinks were on board.

Before long, there were eight or so guests on the rear deck, soaking up the sun. From my viewpoint in the galley I noticed we were tilting at a somewhat strange angle.

'Rob', I said. 'Can you lean over the back and make sure we're not sinking.'

'We are', said Rob. 'The water's coming in.'

'Right. Can everybody move to the front and get off please', I asked politely.

Nobody moved.

'I mean, NOW', I commanded, in a Captain sort-of-way. Full of authority.

That did it. No nonsense while I'm in charge.

The boat righted itself.  The day was saved, and so were we. And I was also saved from the embarrassment of having to explain how I sunk a boat whilst still in its mooring.

Phew. That was a close call
Simon at The Station

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