Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Only In Wivenhoe (Part One)

Muddy feet make muddy deck
Following the Regatta, I thought I'd better get down to the Boat For My Potplants and conduct a major clear-up operation. Not only did we have a man (actually a lady) overboard into the mud, resulting in much mud being brought on to the deck, we also sank (with the help of Canoe-Man Jon) a kedging anchor (I believe that's what it's called). So now my starboard stern line is secure. Hey, listen to me being all nautical now. I would
Canoe Man Jon says 'pass me down that anchor'
have said "back right rope" a year or so ago - but now I'm all educated.
5am and the clear-up operation commences

Lucien's new companion (right) needs a name

So on the morning after the day before, I awoke at 5am due to the heat and bright sunshine. I pondered for a moment in bed as to what to do, and then decided there was no time like the present. Off I went, cleaning cloths and bin-bags in my grasp. I finished the task two hours later, and rewarded myself with an on-board cuppa whilst gazing at the river and listening to the very loud squawkings of the local wildlife. BLISS.

Of course, as it was Sunday, at midday the British Legion opened its doors. It would have been rude of me not to have a couple of Bloody Marys (* see footnote).

And Lucien was presented with a companion (** see second footnote) by Rob, who had bought the as yet unnamed sailor from one of the Regatta stalls for me.

Thanks, Rob. We can now pass the Victoria Police badge to its new temporary owner.

First footnote (*)...What's the correct plural for more than one Bloody Mary? Is it Marys, Maries, or Mary's?

Second footnote (**)... But we need a name for him. Any suggestions?

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