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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

3xM (Magnificent, Magical, Merry) XMAS 2U

It's now proven that anyone who sets foot aboard the boat goes on to find that love is in the air.

Earlier this year Trish and Geoff came aboard and then promptly got married.

And now Nenah and Paul, who joined us for a Guy Fawkes party on the rear deck, recently announced their engagement. Paul also helped me with one of my expedition on the High Seas Of Wivenhoe.

Blimey, it's catching.

I'll have to bottle and sell this formula, and then make my future fortune with Boat-For-My-Potplants-Potion.

 So, while the loved-up couples are busy making their future plans and preparations, it only leaves me to wish all my blog's readers a truly Magnificent, Magical and Merry Christmas!

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