How this blog began: Boat, garden, party venue and writer's retreat.

Thursday, 30 May 2013


It's only right and proper that the Boat For My Potplants is slept on. And TOMORROW is the night, alright!

'Erindoors has sadly declined the well-intentioned invitation to join me, saying that she'd rather sleep in a comfortable bed at home.


What could be more comfortable than a couple of cushions and a quilt inside the cabin, the sound of seagulls squarking above, and the smell of outflowing sewage as the tide flows east of Colchester?

And the sight of sunshine upon the plastic flowers.

Tomorrow I will be preparing things for tomorrow night - and of course the following morning...

Duvet. Check.
Whisky flask. Check.
Fresh water. Check.
Jim-jams. Check

and then for the early hours of Saturday morning...

Coffee. Check.
Bread and butter. Check.
Bacon. Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.


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