Tuesday, 29 June 2010

And Now For The Final Push

There's so much to do and so little time.

On Friday I finished the windscreen in order to attach the canopy to it.

And on Saturday, I was on a mission to get the interior floor all done by midday, and by jove I did it!

Now all I really NEED to do is to sort out the canopy. With wishful thinking, I excitedly unfolded it from its storage bag and clipped it to my newly-rebuilt, nice and strong windscreen. I stood back to admire my work, hoping that the canopy COULD be recommissioned. It was a hope against hope, and I have had to accept defeat. Even I have to admit it looks Crap, with a capital C!

But fear not! I have met up with the magnificent Sarah, of Sail And Cover Ltd, near Ipswich. She is coming to my rescue, thank goodness.

At this stage suffice to say I think she's on my wavelength. In fact, I know so. As soon as she offered to make me a multi-coloured canopy for the Boat For My Potplants, I knew we were destined to work together and for her to join in with the fun.

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