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Monday, 7 June 2010

Ejected from diy store!

Yesterday I went into the two-lettered diy store in Colchester.

The sales assistant was clearly already a little impatient with me while I was thinking how I should fix the flooring on the boat's cockpit, the timbers of which are completely rotten.

Firstly, I asked the man to carry a heavy sheet of external plywood to the cutting saw. Then I changed my mind for equally heavy external MDF, so he returned the ply and struggled over with the MDF instead. I hesitated some more, and scratched my head, pondering the prices. I could sense that he was becoming a bit miffed. 'I think I'll have the ply, after all', I said, sheepishly.

He probably thought I was having a laugh at his expense. He impatiently asked me what it was for, and I explained it was for my Boat For My Potplants. By now he was convinced I was really taking the proverbial, as I could see him turn visibly redder in the face.

'What you want is decking', he said. So I thumped him first, before he had the chance to get one over on me!

Only kiddin'! In fact, the chap couldn't have been more helpful as he found countless offcuts of plywood for me - for only £4!!! And not only that, the decking was on special offer at less than £2 a plank.

So, now I can really B&Q it, in time for the official launch date of the Boat For My Potplants, which will be on Sunday 18th July.

I hope you can come along. Full details of this exciting event will be posted on the next blog.


  1. Nautical Question: Is the floor of the cockpit also the deck? Or maybe it's the poop deck.... Either way, decking would seem to be an appropriate solution! n2p

  2. It's the nincampoop's deck in my case, but I do think it is actually a deck and not a floor. But I don't know really.