Sunday, 13 June 2010

Boat For My Potplants launch 18th July

I should be able to muster up a few beers and wine to celebrate - and even some bubbly perhaps - so come on down on Sunday JULY 18th, when my Boat For My Potplants will be officially re-launched on the River Colne and brought a mile or so up-river to its mooring outside The Rose And Crown in Wivenhoe.

High tide is at 6pm, and we will be putting the boat in the water at 4pm at Alresford Creek, so that it can be towed in to position on the incoming tide, to arrive at the pub by six.

There's still a lot of essential work to be done (windscreen re-build, canopy re-make, interior floor re-fit), but I'm confident that it can be completed in time, so long as a) I get my finger out, b) the weather is kind and c) 'erindoors doesn't have too many other ideas like going shopping and the like.

All are welcome to witness this exciting (for me, at least) event. That includes followers of my Boat For My Potplants blog, readers of Essex Life Magazine, members of the Norman Boats Appreciation Society, the good people of Alresford Creek Boat Owners Association, friends and family, and of course 'erindoors, without whose patience my Boat For My Potplants would still be just a dream of an idea.

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