Sunday, 23 September 2012

Bin Lid and Emperor Ming

As I was waffling on to Jason yesterday morning about the boat's story thus far, I realised that the boat has indeed taken on a life of its own - with all the mullarky happening because of its own energy.

You can hear the chit-chat by clicking on the green triangle to the right - but I clean forgot to mention my plan to have an Indian restaurant on board. Oh well, that's for another time.

And I'm certainly looking forward to getting on with the serious business of taking the boat out under its own steam, or petrol, just as soon as I can.

But in the meantime I'd like to report that the grand sum of 147 Bin Lids (*) were raised during the 'pirate broadcasts' and donated to the Wivenhoe branch of the Royal British Legion, from members of the public paying for their requests to be played.

We even had folks from around the world sending in their choices. Among others, Kate from Minneapolis wanted anything by The Who, Jackie in Buffalo likes Phil Collins, Paul in Spain selected Billy Idol and Deborah in Barnet asked for Sparks.

The power of the radio, eh?

Emperor Ming!!! (**)

(*) Bin Lid - quid
(**) Emperor Ming - ker-ching

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