Sunday, 6 October 2013

Here's Why...

Today the tide was okay, the weather was okay, but no one was around to come with me. At least I turned the motor on - and it started first go. I left it purring sweetly for fifteen minutes while I gazed out at the calm water and the other boats passing by.

...Here's why I don't really want to take my Boat For My Potplants out on the river...

(There! I've said it. I admit it. I'm a cowardy custard. I didn't want to face up to my demons, but my shrink said it would help me if I did. Only kiddin' about the shrink, but the rest is true)

Reason 1: The river is tidal, and the spring tides are only high enough for long enough occasionally

Reason 2: I need at least one other person with me, and most people are busy with their own lives

Reason 3: Going out and coming back into my tight space, against the tide and wind isn't easy

Reason 4: I'm often away at work when the tide is actually high enough

Reason 5: I do NOT want to hit my neighbour's boat

Reason 6: What if the motor cuts out like it has done previously?

Reason 7: Undoing and redoing the lines is a right old pullava

Reason 8: I'm lazy (very slightly)

Reason 9: I'm lacking confidence (very much)

Reason 10: I am a Cowardy Custard

BUT - I have come up with a solution to help me get out on that lovely, beckoning river...

My brainwave hit me between the eyes, and I can't wait to put it into practice. All will be revealed soon.

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