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Sunday, 13 October 2013


Quay Man Mike - top chap
As the latest video (on the right of this page) shows, I have a special hiding place for the Lambrini, no less.

But I don't think the bottle will ever actually be opened.

Now I have a decision to make that will solve the question of how to get out on the open river more easily.

The answer, my friends, will be blowing in the winds, in the form of a DINGHY - attached to the rear of my Boat For My Potplants.

And I can pay for it from the 'writer's fee' I got from the Motor Boats Monthly feature, thus ploughing the money back into the project.
Inflatable or solid

But do I get an inflatable, or a more solid variety?

I still have the old 2hp motor that came with my boat, and as it was serviced and checked over by Quay Man Mike, it should be fine. Shouldn't it?

I saw Mike last night at a party and mentioned this latest wheeze to him.

But for some reason he had a fit when I asked him if there would be somewhere on a dinghy for some more potplants.

Come on Mike - get in the spirit, ol' chap!


  1. Solid is way to go, not one of those heavyweight GRP junkers though, something light easy to row (or motor with an outboard) - if you're inclined get some plans (the D4 is free) about £200 in materials and a few hours work not a bad way to spend the winter weekends

  2. Thanks for taking the trouble for your comment. I'm looking in to it.