Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Peace And Love

All this talk about bicycle maintenance (see previous post) has got me thinking about my upcoming bike trip to Malta in May. It's a yearly thing. It's a boys' thing.

And then I just happened to notice that there are quite a few readers of this 'ere blog clicking in from good old US of A.

I wonder what on earth my American readers may think of Wivenhoe, this quintessentially English village (or is it a town?).

Anyway, I extend to you, dear blog-readers, from wherever you may hail across The Pond, a very warm welcome.

I recall a while back that some folks from the Big Country were shocked that I included the word 'POTPLANTS' in my writings. Apparently, over there it means something quite different from our innocent definition.

That gives me an idea for the Wivenhoe Open Gardens...but in the meantime...

I'll leave you with a pic of me (yes, it's all about me, me, me) in that great country of theirs when I cycled from West to East. Half way across, in Kansas actually, I met a fellow cyclist from Tokyo going the opposite way. I wonder where Yoshichika Shida is now, 33 years later.

I was indeed a little younger then, with more hair, but fundamentally the same as I am now.

Peace and love, man. Spread the word.

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