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Friday, 28 March 2014

It's All In The Preparation

May the 17th is going to come round like no tomorrow, so it's best if I begin to make preparations for the Wivenhoe Open Gardens RIGHT NOW, before it's too late. I don't want my Boat For My Potplants to let the Wivenhoe Quay-side down, do I?

There's so much to do. I need to buy a flag, that's for sure, and the bunting down the sides of the planters is looking shabby and needs replacing.

The canopy is now four years old and has had four years of weather and seagull poop - so arrangements are currently underway for a spruce-up by the lovely Sarah at Sail And Cover.

There are plants to buy, and a lick of paint wouldn't go amiss either.

But at least I haven't missed a trick with getting some tasteful artificial plants and flowers - as well as the picket fence from Aldi.

All I need is the garden gnome, and I'll be well and truly sorted.

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