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Friday, 14 March 2014

Eruptions, Part Two - Artificial or Real? That Is The Question

Dear Blog-readers.

Type in the word 'ERUPTIONS' in the search box (top right of this blog), and you'll be transported back in time to 2010 when I wrote about the battle of minds between 'Erindoors and me, when you may recall I was in favour of using ARTIFICIAL plants on my boat, and 'Erindoors wasn't playing ball at all.

You can read the comments and laugh mightily due to the hornets' nest that I so vigorously stirred up.

Never before has opinion been so strongly divided.

Until now, that is, because that old chestnut is about to be resurrected with my invitation by the Wivenhoe Society to include my Boat For My Potplants in the Wivenhoe Open Gardens in the middle weekend of May.

What a ruse, I thought, it would be to place some ARTIFICIAL plants in and amongst the REAL ones, and invite visitors to stand on the quayside an see if they can tell the difference!

How brilliant is that?

So, off I will go this weekend, to the artificial plant capital of the England (IKEA in Thurrock) in search of prime specimens.

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