Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Novel Way To Raise Some Dosh

The Lovely Fiona. What dastardly deed will she be doing in her character?

Every Wednesday The Boat For My Potplants becomes the home of writers writing and concocting the latest in the series of chapters for Muddy Water, whilst taking it in turns to cook up a new and exciting culinary dish.

Last week David pulled the rabbit out the hat and hit new heights with his gourmet 'beef hash and baked beans'. I can honestly say I've never tasted anything like it in my life, and the effort he put into turning the tin opener like he did was something to be behold.

But did you know, dear blog-reader, that this 'ere book is going to be making a mint for some special charities? It is indeed a novel way to raise some valuable £££'s for the Wivenhoe Royal British Legion, the mental health charity Mind, and also the RNLI.

You see, I'm such a cheapskate, I'll do anything for a few quid, and here I am SELLING some characters of my book to anyone who wants to PAY to be in it.

My target is to raise A GRAND, and so far I have reached SEVEN HUNDRED POUNDS after the lovely Fiona stopped me in the street last week and thrust a cheque into my hands, just so that her alto ego could be included. Don't ask me what that dastardly deed will be, as I haven't mustered it up yet, but it may well be something pretty ghastly.

So far we've also got Andy Stollery as himself, Mark as The Praying Mantis, Lesley as Ms Baudet the childrens' nanny. And Helen the hairdresser has now also expressed an interest, which would bring the total to EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS, and with only two characters left to buy.

Roll up, roll up. Hurry hurry, offer closing soon. Throw in your dosh before it's too late!

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