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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sex Sells

I've got books on the brain, I have.

Not only am I writing the novel Muddy Water on board my Boat For My Potplants, there's another book about to be launched in only SEVEN days from now!

And it's not all about me, me, me, you know.

The OTHER book is the Recipe Book cooked up by some special people at The Royal British Legion (Wivenhoe Branch), including top girls Julia, Sue and Jane.

We're all going down to the official launch of the book next Sunday. And with 'Erindoors and me being contributors (me with a recipe for 'sex on toast' *, and Jane with some art), we'll be sure to get to the front of the line for our own copies.

I can't wait.

* 'SEX ON TOAST ???', I hear you ask in astonishment?

I told them that sex sells, and that's why they've had to order in extra copies to cope with the curious crowds all wanting to know the secret ingredients.

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