Friday, 10 October 2014

All Trim And Proper

Leather trim arrived in the post

Down to the metal after removing old cracked veneer
You may recall, dear blog-readers, that a while back I was bowled over by some international good will in the form of Rene from Holland, who is a member of the Fiat 124 Coupe Fan Club on Facebook (yes folks, there is indeed such a group, with 1,266 members and counting!).

Make a template from paper and cut new veneer to size
I had posted if anyone knew where I could get some veneer to replace my cracked and damaged console material that surrounds the base of my gear stick in Alfonso The Second.

Lo and behold, Rene went to all the trouble of sending me some, and despite my protests he refused to accept any payment!

Glue it down and add a little varnish, and trim to follow soon
That was a while ago, but sadly since receiving it, Alfonso The Second was in the Fiat hospital for quite some time, in need of some surgery (welding) in order to pass the MOT.

Well, I am delighted to report that Alfonso The Second is now fully recovered and last weekend I fitted the veneer, but to finish it off nicely I sent away for some nice leather trim to put around the edges.

That's just arrived in the post, and so I now have a very exciting Saturday to look forward to when I come to fit it.

It doesn't take a lot to get me excited.

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