Saturday, 4 October 2014

In The Beginning

Genesis. In the beginning there was the greatest prog-rock band going.

And my Boat For My Potplants has played a huge part in Phil, Steve, Tony, Mike and Peter getting back together.

It was on one of my book-club evenings with David Roberts (where we discuss how my forthcoming novel Muddy Water is coming along) that he disclosed to me that he is to have a starring role in the forthcoming Genesis documentary.

My, how I rolled my eyes with envy, as I enthusiastically played my favourite track nice and loud on the boat's sound-system.

"The carpet crawlers heed their callers. You gotta get in to get out". Magnificent, we both thought.

So when David was being filmed in some seedy Soho studio being asked what his favourite Genesis song was, immediately the song we'd been listening to with such relish only a matter of hours previously instantly came to mind.

And when he mentioned the pivotal role that the Boat For My Potplants had played in his choice, the producers of the film were so sold on Wonderful Wivenhoe, that they decided to shoot the opening title sequence on the boat, with all the band members playing their instruments on the deck amongst the real and artificial flowers.

Mike Rutherford was overheard saying: "You really can't tell the difference", and Peter Gabriel elaborated by saying to Steve Hackett how he admired the picket fence. Tony Banks even began pruning the geraniums that were still flowering. "These geraniums are still flowering", he said.

I wanted to make Phil Collins especially comfortable so I brought the gorilla out of hibernation as he played a magnificent version of In The Air Tonight whilst munching on some Dairy Milk.

You can see the whole darn thing on BBC 2 this evening at 9.15. Don't miss it!

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