Thursday, 2 October 2014


It can only be in Wivenhoe where a meeting is called to discuss the future of The Wivenhoe Drinking Club,  er, I mean The Wivenhoe Ocean Racing Club (please note: there is no ocean and there is no racing, but there is a club, and it is in Wivenhoe, and sometimes drinks are had there).

It can only be in Wivenhoe where a motion is carried that another meeting is deemed necessary to discuss the future of said Wivenhoe Ocean Racing Club.

That's why I love it here so much. It's bonkers.

I wore my W.O.R.C badge with pride when I went to see the nice man at Suzuki to ask if they could let me have a motor for my Boat For My Potplants, and it certainly brought me good luck back then, because the nice man said yes.

Has W.O.R.C. sailed its course? We'll have to wait and see. Whatever happens in the future, it has been a fantastic concept, which has financially helped with maintenance of the lovely Royal British Legion building here on the quay.

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