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Monday, 16 August 2010

It's all so exciting!

Not only did I convince 'erindoors to sleep on the boat for the first time on Saturday (it was brilliant gazing up through the hatch at the stars above) - that was exciting enough.

Not only have I seen a photo of the work-in-progress of the multi-coloured canopy (it's going to brighten up the Wivenhoe quayside, that's for sure) - that was also exciting enough.

Not only am working on setting up the World's Smallest Pirate Radio Station (transmitting from my iPod inside the boat to the pub's tables outside) - that will be very exciting.

Not only am I going to start decorating the lounge, loo, kitchen and bedroom (now that I've got all the paint from Dulux) - that will be even more exciting.

Not only all the above, but also...The Boat For My Potplants has been featured in the September issue of Essex Life Magazine (complete with photo of a potplant being donated by one of the welcoming party on the launch-day) - now that really tops the excitement scale - for me at least!

1 comment:

  1. Ah, Mon sewer Watson! bonjour et comment allez-vous?

    We 'ave 'ad none, 'ow you call eet, date-up from you for some time! Are you safe, are you well? 'Ave you perhaps sneeffed ze paint and are now hors de combat? Mon ami Sherlock tells me zat you ventured your life in the wilderness of Peck'am recently. Per'aps you 'ave been traumatised, and 'ave retired to 'ave your beautiful wife cool ze feverish brow wiz ze 4711 Cologne?

    Adieu et a la prochaine, cher Watson!