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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Quay Character Canoe-Man Jon

One of the great things about having a Boat For My Potplants on Wivenhoe Quay is that you tend to meet all sorts of interesting people.

Take Jon for example - one of my Quay Characters of Wivenhoe. When he asked me last night if I'd like to join him on a 5am canoe trip this morning, my head began to think of what excuse I could muster in order to get out of it. Then I thought 'Why not?'

So there I was at five o'clock all ready to go. We made record time from Wivenhoe to Mersea Island where we lit a fire on the beach to cook our sausages and make a brew. We laid out the fishing net, but sadly caught nothing, but what the heck?

By the time many people were surfacing from their slumberlands we'd already had hours of exhilaration and exercise as the sun burst through the mist. It was magical.

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