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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

"Vinyl On Tap" - It's Bonkers, I Know

The World's Smallest Pirate Station will hit the airwaves on August 17th, after years of planning (or at least several days). Following too many Guinness's down the pub, the spectacular show - surely putting the Olympic Ceremony in the shade - is actually coming together.

The Boat For My Potplants, the Wivenhoe equivalent of Broadcasting House, will be home to tired and weary disc jockeys from across the country, encouraged by huge payments from major record labels to play the latest poptastic chartbuster.

Listeners who had been looking forward to a quiet pint at The Rose And Crown's quayside tables will be able to tune in and hear their favourite tunes from a selection of vinyl 45's left on the pub's tables.

All they'll have to do to hear their favourite tune is to walk the plank and throw the record through the hatch. They chuck it, and I'll play it.

And if you're further afield than the Boat For My Potplant's 50 feet not-terribly-powerful FM range, worry not. You'll be able to listen via my blog on the WWW.

It could be a bit of fun and I'm sure Johnny Walker could teach me a thing or two about how to play some old records. It's all a bit bonkers.


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  2. Fantastic, great to see you guys having fun! Hope it all goes well