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Thursday, 20 June 2013


Who would have believed that I'd end up having my picture on the cover of a magazine? And especially because of a boat, a subject about which I virtually know nothing.

Okay, it's not quite Rolling Stone Magazine, but it's very close in the echelons of my finest achievements. Motor Boats Monthly have done me proud - although I don't think I actually did say "I bagged a free boat" at any time, as quoted on the cover. Editor's license.

The magazine comes out today, but unfortunately I can't get it here in Saarf Fraaance. Also hence I can't put any pics up of my extensive research into the boats of the Canal Du Midi (technology hitch relating to camera cable and Internet deficiencies).

But I can reveal, without any reasonable doubt whilst on my hols, that Leffe Blond is a rather fine beer.

Indeed. Hic.

And so I say cheers to all those who helped me to get where I am today, with a free boat in the bag and my mug-shot on the shelves of WHSmith's.

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  1. Before your boat was identified was it a UFO (an unidentified floating object). When consuming a Belgium truth drug (Leffe) you revealed a past as an editor of a UFO magazine. Now the MOD has closed the x-files it could be your time again. Let's have a competition to find the most mysterious thing that has flown, swam, landed on or been photographed from a boat