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Monday, 26 May 2014

You Can Have Your Money Back

Carol the museum owner and me with the Fiat 1200

The 124 Sport
Enough of gorillas. Enough of Snowy. Enough of Tallulah.

It's about time I turned my attention to Alfonso The Second, so named because Alfonso The First was my inaugural car after passing my test back in 1979. It was a heap of junk then, and I vowed to get a decent one when I grew up.

I'm now well on my way to growing up, and Alfonso The Second is definitely one of the loves of my life. I hope it will remain faithful to me for the rest of its life, which should be long and fruitful so long as I give it the care and attention it deserves.

The museum wasn't only full of old cars
I recently hyperventilated whilst on a cycling trip with Paul, Martin and Mike in Malta. I'd heard that there was a classic car museum. We negotiated a hefty 10% discount off the entrance fee (normally €8.50) with the owner of the museum, Carol Galea. He even challenged us, when we jokingly said we should be let in for free. 'If you don't think this is the best classic car museum, you can have your money back - but you have to be honest'.

The exterior of the museum 
It was simply stunning inside. Not only were there incredible cars galore amidst the cavernous 3000 square metres, there were old gramaphones, old vinyl records, old televisions, old costumes, old all sorts.

As well as a fine Fiat 124 CS, there was a beautiful Fiat 1200, the older uncle of my 124. I was salivating profusely by this time.

The museum was magnificent and one of a kind, and I would urge anyone remotely keen on old cars to make the visit if they are holidaying in Malta.

And no, we certainly didn't ask for our money back.

One of the loves of my life

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