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Friday, 23 May 2014

Snowy Overboard

I went down to the Boat For My Potplants to return some of said potplants to their rightful owner (B&Q, Colchester), and the star of the show, the gorilla, back to its home at Mill Race Garden Centre.

Special thanks to both shops. They positively reacted to my request for their loan. It just goes to show that if you ask nicely, sometimes people say 'yes' - especially when the now-famous boat is involved.

But I very nearly had an absolute disaaaster on my hands as I accidentally knocked poor Snowy the dog into the mud.

Luckily for me - and Snowy - help was at hand in the form of a fishing net quickly handed to me by Quay Character Mike Downes.

And not a moment too soon. Another two hours and the tide would have come in and Snowy would have been a gonna, washed away past Alresford Creek and Brightlingsea, ending up in France.

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