Tuesday, 10 November 2009

All Very Technical

Could fame beckon for The Boat For My Potplants? We have been invited to write something for publication in the excellent Essex Life Magazine about us (the boat and me that is). We hope to also include a picture of our dilapidated state, in the hope that someone somewhere might take pity on us and help us improve.

In the meantime, discussions have been raging with people in-the-know about the boat's motor's power requirements. Apparently, if it's only a few horse power it will take all day to go up to Mersea Island to The Company Shed, and by the time we get there the tide will be out so we'd be left stranded. But, also apparently, you can't just go and fit a more powerful motor. It's all about the drag of the hull, and the lift that is gained.

It all sounds very technical to me, and to some of you dear bloggers too, no doubt.

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