Monday, 20 February 2012

W.O.R.C. Helps To Swing The Deal With Suzuki

Thanks to the kindness of a local blog-reader, I was flush with funds for an outboard motor. But I had soon discovered that it would only be enough for a secondhand one from Ebay, if that.

So a wrote a nice letter to Suzuki, explaining my debacle.

On Friday the day finally came for my meeting with Suzuki's Sales and Marketing Manager, Gareth Lumsdaine, and I set off at 5.30am for the hundred mile journey to Milton Keynes. This was one meeting I didn't want to be late for, and I arrived an hour early. As a sat in my van waiting for the allotted time, I made a mental note of my objectives:

a) To get a motor. Ideally a 15hp 4-stroke long-shaft outboard, with electric start and remote steering. And a warranty would be nice too.
b) To get assistance from a local dealer
c) To get a photo for my blog

We discussed transoms and propeller sizes, motors and boats, and how I might be able to try out different sizes of props and give my feedback. I would be pleased and honoured to assist. We also discussed W.O.R.C. (Wivenhoe Ocean Racing Club), of whom I am a proud member. Luckily I'd brought along a spare lapel badge with which to hopefully swing a positive outcome to the meeting.

An hour later I left in a bit of a daze.

I made a mental tick against a), b) and c), and thanked my stars that I'd remembered to bring that lapel badge. I metaphorically punched the air, the way footballers do after scoring a goal.

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