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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

At Last - Some Progress

Finally, after waiting ages for some clear days away from decorating work and other commitment, I'm finally able to get a couple of 'boat-days'.

So today I can move on a little.

Firstly though, I must confront my demons. I'm coming to the engineering and mechanical bit where the steering wheel and other controls are. There are wires all over the shop, some of which I can see don't connect to anything. Where should they be going? This is territory outside of my comfort-zone.

Basically, I haven't a clue. And I have to sort this lot out before getting the motor.

I'll be going to introduce myself to the Suzuki dealer this morning, with whom the Suzuki management has arranged to 'deal with this boat with the potplants'. I sure hope I can get on the right side of him and that he'll agree to help me figure out what goes where. My fingers are firmly crossed.

And then there will be the little problem of how to get my boat a few miles down-river without a motor and without a trailer.

'One thing at a time, Neil', I say to myself. 'Steady at the helm'.

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