Sunday, 27 October 2013

Baton Down

Today's the day that it's been predicted that we're in for a bit of a stormy time, with strong winds coming our way across south east England.

It's also been the day that my two nephews, Daniel and James, came to visit us in Wivenhoe, along with their parents Karen (my sister) and her husband Steve.

What a nice time was had walking to the beach and having stone-throwing contests with the boys.

Then it was back to the Boat For My Potplants to make sure the canopy was fastened and the lines were secured before the bad weather broke. I noticed my kedging anchor could have done with being sunk deeper in the mud - so off I went with spade in hand.

I very nearly got stuck in the glutinous gunge, but fortunately my brainy nephew shouted instructions to me from the boat telling me how to ease myself out of the quagmire by angling my heels upwards before trying to lift my feet.

He was right. It worked. And I was free to live another day.

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