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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Buoy oh buoy!!!

Buoy oh buoy, me hearties, shiver me timbers, raise the anchor and set course for Wivenhoe. Because WE HAVE GOT A MOORING!!! I made strong head-way during last night's Important Meeting with the water-lords. I almost swelled up on the poop-deck as negotiations successfully concluded and agreement was made on an even keel.

So, steady as she goes, Cap'n. Thanks to all you bloggees out there for your support and advice. I must stem the tide of my own excitement and prepare for the next installment of the Boat's adventure.

I must admit that I'm rather pleased with the cut of my own jib. Now all I have to do is to fathom out a way to shape a course for getting my Boat For My Potplants to its new home, right bang OUTSIDE THE PUB!!!

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