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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Three Stops Past...

This morning I received a text message from my very good, but equally very mad, friends Paul, Mike and Jay, who are trying to pursuade me to take the Boat For My Potplants by river AND sea from its current mooring in St Neots to its new home in Wivenhoe.

In the past I have declared that No Siree Will I Go To Sea, but I do have to admit a faint enthusiasm for such an adventure, despite there being more cons to the pros.

Here are 12 cons, in no particular order...

The boat does not currently have a floor on which to stand safely.
To take it via river / canal / sea will take days, or even weeks.
It will cost a fortune in diesel
I don't even know if the outboard works
It might sink in the sea.
It might capsize in the wind.
It has no electricity. Or toilet that works. (that counts as one con, combined)
I don't have any life-jackets.
We would have to plan meticulously, and time is lacking due to...(next...).
( I'd have to take ages off work.
We might drown.
My mate Greg (who knows a thing or two about boats) has advised that he is re-naming me Dagenham (ie 3 stops past Barking) - for International bloggees, Dagenham and Barking are stations on the London Underground. And Greg says don't do it.

...And 1 pro...
It would be extremely good fun

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