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Friday, 22 January 2010

It's CURTAINS for the boat!

Dear bloggees. It certainly is curtains for the boat! As some of you followers may know, I am a mere painter and decorator with aspirations to become a ship's (or at least a river-boat's) captain one day. This week my mind has been turned to curtains. Yes, indeed! Jillie, one of my lovely clients, has not only offered to donate her fine stripy curtains for use on board my Boat For My Potplants, but she is even willing to cut them to size - including the lining! How cool is that?

AND...(yes, there is in fact an 'and' to this exciting week), the marina at St Neots has offered to TOW the boat to its slipway from the present mooring position, which is about a mile away (and via a lock), and then to put the boat up on dry-dock for pressure-washing as well.

AND...(yes, there is even more), my mate Mark (ex-Radio Luxembourg DJ Supremo, and top bloke), who was down the pub with me earlier this week), has come up with a wizard wheeze for how the boat can become the world's most LOCAL PIRATE RADIO STATION. More will be revealed on this blog, coming to you very soon.

I only hope that the good people of Wivenhoe will be of open minds. We'll see!


  1. Hi Neil, we are all so glad you are delighted with the curtains but please: 'pull yourself together' okay big love Emma, Charlie, Jillie and Jeremy! xx