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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Shiver Me Timbers - we're almost there!

It could well be that NEXT Saturday (13th February) is the day that we embark upon the first phase of the Great Move of The Boat For My Potplants. Ey, ey, Cap'n, yes, Sirree.

The plan is to attach one of the outboard motors to the back of the boat (assuming it works), and after baling out the rain-water that has collected inside her hull, we will be setting off on her first maiden voyage of several years. We'll be going up-river from Little Paxton to St Neots Marina (about one mile, and through a lock), where I hope we'll get the boat pulled out of the river and put up on dry land.

There, the hull will be spray-washed, and inspected for potential essential repairs, and it is then hoped that the following week the boat will be collected by Kevin of Boat Moving Solutions, to take it by road to its new destination of Wivenhoe. I haven't met Kevin yet, but he has managed to instill a certain degree of confidence in to the proceedings that I welcome.

What began as a little pipe-dream has turned in to a logistical monster, involving many people, who I consider part of the (growing) team.

Read more about The Team, in the next blog, coming soon...

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