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Monday, 12 August 2013

We Have Twins

Tempest lV
A Boat For My Potplants
Tempest lV

A Boat For My Potplants

Thanks to the power of the Internet, the recent article about My Boat For My Potplants in Motor Boats Monthly, and of course my Oscar award-winning (in my dreams) YouTube video (to the right on this 'ere blogsite), something wonderful has happened...

I was contacted out of the blue by a very nice man and his lady, Paul and Yvonne from Walton-on-Thames.

Like me, they had been searching for many many many hours for a boat the same as the one we each have. Not just one that looks a bit like it, but one that is undoubtedly the same.

And the boats have now found each other. All say 'Aaah'.

Los Amigos, aka A Boat For My Potplants, can now be reunited in spirit with its twin, Tempest 1V.

For me this is especially good news, because now I can confirm, without any hesitation, that my boat is definitely a TEAL. Paul and Yvonne have the original paperwork to prove it. EUREKAKAKA!

At first I thought it was a Norman, then a Callumcraft, then a Nauticus. But all along, Adi from the Norman Boat Appreciation Society (yes, there really is such an organisation) has been exploding at me 'IT'S A TEAL, IT'S A TEAL'.

I am ashamed that I ever doubted Adi's word, and I offer my humblest of apologies.

Adi, you were right all along.


  1. Apology Accepted Neil !

    If anyone is inspired by your tales , there's one just like yours a couple of moorings away from me for sale very cheap!

    Get those ropes off & go boating


  2. I know, I know! In fact it's in the diary for bank holiday Monday. The tides will be right. I won't be at work. My brother-in-law can come over. It's just the confidence that I lack, Adi, but it will surely come.